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 Flower Essences

Flower Essences bring positive and effective change during times of stress and anxiety by changing your outlook and shifting entrenched patterns to help you reach your full potential. First developed by Dr.Bach, who invented Rescue Remedy and his Bach Flower Remedies, flower essences contain the vibrational energy of the flower they came from, and are usually taken as drops under the tongue. They do not smell (that’s essential oils) and are safe and simple to use.

Flower Essences can be taken to change a mood, for this one dose may be enough. They can also be taken over a longer period of time to help with a deeper problem. When you have had enough you may find you just forget to take them. If no change is perceived after 2 weeks you may need a different flower essence. They are highly effective and safe for children, for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, whilst taking prescription drugs or ‘alternative’ medicines and for animals.

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Single Essences

We developed our range of flower essences inspired by the incredible beauty and wisdom of the flowers around us. We believe that the flowers needed for our healing are, in general, the ones growing where we live.Our flower essences are sold in two strengths, stock and dosage. Stock flower essences need to be diluted further before being taken - a few drops in a glass of water or your drinking water bottle is the usual way, or you can add them to your bath to be absorbed into your system. Dosage flower essences are diluted ready to use straight from the bottle. Usually flower essences are preserved in alcohol but for people who can’t, for whatever reason, take alcohol we also sell them preserved in organic cider vinegar - these don’t have such a long shelf life but are equally as effective.


Combination Essences

Sometimes it is easier to take a combination of flower essences at the same time. We have produced a carefully selected range of combination essences to help support you on your journey in today’s complex and ever changing world. They are tried and tested mixes of our single flower essences that have proved beneficial to many over the years.

We may not sell the combination that you feel you need. In which case you can choose your own combination of 5 single essences, or Saskia will dowse for you personally.



Sprays are a great way of getting flower essences into your surroundings, for clearing and shifting energies and making your environment a better place to be. Our flower essence sprays are made by adding flower essences to hydrosols. They are distilled, whenever possible, by Saskia herself using a traditional copper alembic still. As high demand sometime exceeds supply, this isn’t always possible in which case we use English grown plants distilled by people we know personally who distil slowly specifically for hydrosols (rather than as a by-product of essential oil production). Using this method the energetics as well as the aromatic components of the plants are preserved giving you a pure and delightful experience.

About Saskia


 Saskia Marjoram making buttercup flower essence

Saskia Marjoram has worked with flowers for her whole life. She has always had a keen desire to understand more about the personalities of flowers and how they interact with people.

 After many years of making and working with flower essences she strongly believes that flowers are food for the soul. As a flower essence practitioner, sometimes professional gardener and occasional florist living in Somerset she continues to be inspired by the lessons the flowers have to teach us.You can read more about her journey here

If you would like a flower essence consultation with Saskia at her home in Wincanton, Somerset please contact us. Consultations include your own personal essence and you can read more about what a consultation involves here


 bluebell, cowslip, speedwell, dicentra and dandelion all make great flower essences
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom
— Anais Nin

Although you can buy our full range of essences here we also sell in selected stores (at the moment only in the UK) .If you would like to stock our essences in your shop, yoga space or natural health clinic or feature us in your subscription box do please get in touch.