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Distilling Hydrosols : A midsummer celebration of the healing power of plants

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Saskia is delighted to be teaching at Trill Farm this summer

The day will concentrate on the practical aspects of distilling plants using a copper alembic still and learning about the different uses and properties of hydrosols.

We will distil a plant that we harvest from the herb gardens at Trill Farm to make a hydrosol that you can then take home to explore its properties further.


During this day you will:

  • smell and taste various hydrosols and compare their characteristics, their energetic and healing properties.
  • learn what hydrosols can be used for and how to take them for your pleasure and healing.
  • learn about the history of distilling plants and why one would distil a plant rather than use a tincture or infusion.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning more about the healing properties of hydrosols from beginners to herbal professionals.

The cost is £85 and you can book your place HERE

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Distilling Hydrosols Workshop

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Come and learn the magic of distilling, enjoy delicious lunch, like minded company and most of all the power of the plants at Saskia's home and walled garden in Wincanton.

Saskia is an experienced teacher and has been distilling her own medicinal plants to make hydrosols for the last 5 years. Hydrosols not only contain all the physical healing components of a plant but also the energetics and are, more and more, being recognised as a fabulous way to experience the healing power of plants on all levels.

No previous experience is necessary. There will be a maximum of 10 attendees. The cost of the day is £80 including lunch and refreshments.

To book your place or ask any questions regarding workshop content, public transport, concessions or accommodation recommendations please email info@saskiasfloweressences.com 

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Wincanton Extravaganza

 Amour Lingerie, Wincanton... the best underwear for miles around

Amour Lingerie, Wincanton... the best underwear for miles around

Really looking forward to spending the afternoon with my essences in Amour Lingerie on the afternoon of the fabulous   Wincanton Extravaganza . Of the many fabulous shops in Wincanton Amour is one of my favourites - not only does it sell an incredible range of (mostly) high end underwear, they also have a free fitting service and are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. We look forward to seeing you there. You can also talk to my favourite masseur and healer Helen (from Be Beautiful) :) 

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