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If you have a still you will find yourself distilling everything that comes your way.... it seems that I am distilling more hydrosols than I can use at the moment...

We have decided to sell these on so that you too can enjoy their magic and healing....

Besides being gentle and effective taken medicinally they are fabulous as an alternative to herbal teas or interesting additions to cocktails (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and many have incredible benefits for your skin . Be aware that they don't always smell like their essential oil counterpart.Please do your own research into their individual properties.

They are available in 500 ml amber glass bottles @£10 each.

Our hydrosols are distilled in Somerset in small batches from plants grown locally without herbicides or pesticides with the intention to heal.

Most commercially available hydrosols are distilled primarily to collect the essential oil and then the hydrosols are sold off as a by-product (often with preservatives added). Our hydrosols are steam distilled slowly with love and care to collect the maximum amount of the plant energetics as well as the physical properties of the plant.


Here is what we have available at the moment:

Mugwort hydrosol (Artemesia vulgaris) 10 litres

Wormwood hydrosol (Artemesia absinthium) 2 litres

Ginger root hydrosol (organic) 2.5 litres

Lemon Verbena hydrosol (Aloysia citrodora) 12 litres

Oregano hydrosol (Origanum vulare) 5 litres

Wild Carrot Seed hydrosol (Daucus carota) 12.5 litres

Lemon Balm hydrosol (Melissa officianalis) 8 litres

Nettle Seed hydrosol (Urtica dioica) 2 litres


Also some lavender, rosemary and bay (Laurus nobilis)

Please email us for payment and postage details. (You will only be charged the actual cost of postage - UK only.)

And if you are interested in trialling (and giving feedback on) some of  the essences Saskia has been experimenting with made with just the energy of the above hydrosols (as well as Rose, Lavender, Bay and Rosemary) as described in her article in Sentire International Essence Magazine for the price of postage only do get in touch and let us know which hydrosol you are drawn to most.