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Combination Essences

Accident & Emergency
The Path Ahead
Breathe Deep, Seek Peace
Calm & Confident
Emotional Relief
Focus, Energise, Create
Keep On Track
Sexy & Gorgeous
Speaking with Confidence
Strength & Support

Essence Sprays

Clear & Protect
Enjoy the Space
My Personal Space
A&E Spray

Single Essences

Bindweed - Blackberry
Bluebell - Borage
Buttercup - Carrot
Cherry Plum - Clematis
Cowslip - Crab Apple
Dandelion - Dicentra
Evening Primrose
Gorse - Herb Robert
Holly - Hornbeam
Impatiens - Morning Glory
Nan's Polyanthus
Nettle - Oak - Olive
Pennyroyal - Peppermint
Pine - Potentilla
Red Chestnut - Rio Clarillo
Rock Rose - Snowdrop
Star of Bethlehem
Speedwell - Twayblade
Walnut - Weld
White Chestnut
Wild Garlic
Wild Rose - Willow
Wisteria - Yarrow

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Saskia's Flower Essences - 6 Combination bottles

Flower Essences bring positive and effective change during times of stress and anxiety, as well as helping you reach your full potential. First developed by Dr.Bach, who invented Rescue Remedy and his Bach Flower Remedies, essences contain the vibrational energy of the flower they came from, and are usually taken as drops under the tongue. They do not smell (that’s essential oils!!) and are safe and simple to use.

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All our essences are also available preserved in Cider Vinegar - as an alcohol free option, as well as in Organic vodka for a longer shelf life.

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Choose your own combination:

If, after looking at our range of essences, you feel you would like several essences in one bottle you can use our 'Your own combination' service to choose your own or ask us to dowse for you.


All orders over £45 (including postage) receive a FREE tin of our Cards to Inspire

Our Flower Essences are here to help , they really do work....

(Click on the bottle icon to find the appropriate essence)

GorseNeed help with depression?

Breathe DeepCan’t Sleep? Stressed Out? Dealing with anger?

Breathe DeepLife is a mess? Looking for a new life?

Flower Essences support you during change....

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Emotional ReliefDealing with loss? Feeling tearful?

Accident & EmergencyDriving Test nerves? Scared of the dentist? Exam nerves?

Flower Essences help you let go of the past....

White ChestnutWorry all the time?

NettleFeeling fed up? ‘Pissed Off’?

WeldAngry all the time?

Flower Essences restore balance and harmony in your life....

Focus , Energise, CreateFeeling stuck? Low motivation?

Sexy & GorgeousLack of confidence? Feel unattractive?

Essence Sprays bring the refreshing smell of real flowers into your life....

Our fabulous flower essence sprays in pure flower waters help with:

Clear & Protect Hectic classrooms, space clearing,the effects of magnetic/ electronic equipment

My Personal SpaceFeeling invaded, dealing with bullies, fear of crowds

Enjoy the SpaceRelaxing,calming down,creating a relaxed atmosphere

And much much more! Please browse our site to find out more about the magic of flower essences and how they can help you in your life. Do please contact us if you have any questions.


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