We are here to help you on your journey …..

We are here to help you on your journey …..

Welcome to Saskia's Flower Essences.

I’m really glad you found us.

Whether you are new to flower essences and in need of emotional support, ready for change, just interested about how they can help, or if you have already experienced the magic and transformation they can bring, I’m delighted be able to share the amazing healing energy of the plant world.

Where to start?

Many people come to us for the first time when their lives are in crisis or turmoil and they have heard how effective essences are. If this is you and you feel you would like help with which essences you need do get in touch. Otherwise our Combination Essences page may be a good place to start.

Flower Essences

I have been making flower essences to support people around the world for 15 years. The essences continue to help people respond to the complex, sometimes bewildering changes around us, bringing support and personal transformation. These amazing drops can bring remarkable changes to people’s lives and I’m continually grateful for being able to do this work.

Infused with the energy of flowers and the sun, our energetically powerful flower essences are made and hand bottled with utmost love and care in Somerset, UK and shipped out to you wherever you are in the world within, whenever possible, 36 hours of receiving your order.

Where do I go next?

For more information about how to use essences and why you might need them please go to our About Flower Essences page.To find the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions click here and to buy any of our range of products please visit The Shop.

Our complete range of  Combination Essences

Our complete range of Combination Essences

I find your essences especially potent and energetic compared to others I’ve had”

”Thank you so much. These little bottles have made a huge impact on my inner self.