Flower Essences for Fertility

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Fertility is an incredibly complex issues and I am not going to tell you that flower essences are the answer. What I am going to say is that they may be able to help with the emotional issues that you may be going through if you are having trouble getting pregnant.

You can get so caught up in the physical aspects of getting pregnant, the sterility of clinics, the linear masculinity of the whole medical system that the emotional and spiritual sides of allowing the possibility of creating and housing another human get lost.

 The feminine aspects, the creating a safe and wholesome space, the needing to be fully present and held in a loving relationship can so easily be forgotten. In my opinion it is essential that these aspects are not ignored, that you take into consideration your emotional wellbeing as well as your physical wellbeing in this incredible experience.

Busy Busy

Already modern life leaves little room for our intuition and inner knowing about what is right for us, it leaves little room for resting and just being, it leaves little room to spend real quality time with the person who is going to co-parent this being you are trying to create. No wonder then that finding room for creation in its purest form is getting harder and harder for many women. Especially with the amounts of hormones in our water, electro –magnetic  waves surrounding us and the fact that healthy life for humans and other beings on this planet is in question.

Flowers and Sex

Flowers in themselves are creators, they hold all of the genetic information of a plant to pass on to the next generation, they glow with sexuality and promise and so it is an obvious step to go the them for our healing and learning when we are deep in the process of trying to create a baby.

Everyone’s fertility journey is different. There is no fixed way of walking this path towards parenthood and the flowers that are needed to help you with the complex emotions that come up will be different for everyone. However, it does seem that there are often some of the same emotions that women having trouble getting pregnant  seem to need help with so I have put together a list of the flowers that may help you along this journey.

 Because flower essences work on an energetic level rather than a physical one, they will not interact or counter act with any medications that you are already taking. They work alongside giving support, in a gentle but powerful way, to help shift and change any emotional issues that you might be encountering .

No alcohol ?

Traditionally flower essences (similar to Rescue Remedy) are preserved in alcohol but only a few drops are taken at a time. If you feel you would rather have completely alcohol free essences we offer you the choice when you order of having them preserved with organic cider vinegar. The shelf life isn’t as long but they are just as effective -or you could dilute your essences by adding a dropper full to a cold drink.

Here to help

If you have ANY questions, or would like to discuss your own situation with regards to which essences you may need do get in touch and I will help as much as I am able. I am also happy to mix up your own personal blend of essences that you need right now – you can find more about this process HERE

Some of the flower essences that may help (in no particular order)

Wild Garlic –for feeling safe and looked after by the universe. This flower essence is great for helping with fear and feeling alone. It helps bring hope and support during difficult times.

Wisteria – this essence helps with feeling safe to be seen exactly as you are. It help with issues of intimacy, especially if we have been abused (in any way) in the past. Unless we can feel completely open and safe with our partner it can be hard to allow another being into our lives.

Carrot – this is a great essence for finding time to be creative. It can help organise our time to allow space for lovemaking in amongst all the other demands in our lives.

Crab Apple –this helps clear guilt and shame. Many women talk about these feeling when they describe their inability to get pregnant. We can feel not good enough, unclean and guilty about our bodies not doing what they ‘should’. This essence clears and cleans these feelings away to start afresh.

Dandelion – being present in your body. This confidence boosting essence brings you back to the present where creation occurs. Spending time in your perfect, imagined, future or beating yourself up about the past isn’t always helpful. Dandelion keeps your feet on the ground and open to all that life has to offer.

Pennyroyal – for rebalancing the feminine. Sometimes, especially when sexual abuse has occurred, women are unable to conceive if they have had to deny their feminine side in any way. If it was unsafe to be a woman on whatever level it is easier to shut that part of ourselves down. This in itself can often be one of the factors stopping conception occurring. Pennyroyal allows the feminine aspect to be present in any situation.

Harebell –this is an essence for realignment. It gets us back onto our path when we’ve been knocked off course. It brings flexibility and strength even to the most delicate.

Walnut – this essences is great for helping you stick to your principles, to not get swayed by other people’s opinions. This is your journey and you need to do it your way. Walnut helps to stop you worrying about what everyone else thinks of you. It is a great support during change of any sort.

Borage – for feeling you can cope. The journey towards conception can throw up all sorts of stuff and borage really does help bring a feeling of being able to deal with everything you are having to endure.

Sexy and Gorgeous combination. Trying to get pregnant involves lots of sex. And it is supposed to be fun and sexy, and not just a sexual chore. This award winning blend will help during those times when you (and/or your partner) aren’t in the mood but ‘need’ to have sex to get pregnant. It also helps with issues of self esteem and confidence which can be knocked a lot on this journey..

Emotional Relief –this combination will help with the grief that is often present when conception isn’t occurring. It contains several of the essences mentioned above and is good to take whenever you are feeling tearful. One woman described to me the awful feeling of grief every month when her (unwanted) period arrived. This essence helped her with that a lot.

Calm and Confident - an essential combination for any time you are feeling anxious, panicky or nervous and are going into a situation you feel uncomfortable about.

For other essences that might also fit your particular situation do visit our Single Essences page.

I really hope that reading this has encouraged you to use flower essences if you are having hard time getting pregnant -they can be truly miraculous in their effects and I would so much love to know that they are out there helping people become mothers.

BEST wishes and BIG HUGS,

Saskia xx

PS. I am always more than happy to do talks and workshops about flower essences and how they can help in specific areas of life. Do get in touch if you would like me to come and talk about fertility (or any other relevant subject) anywhere that would be open to knowing more.