Our Pollinator Programme


I am incredibly grateful that so many of you recommend our essences. Loads of you rave about the changes you have experienced from using them to your friends and colleagues and clients and so much of our business is from word of mouth....

I have been wondering how to repay you and have come up with a plan !!

Selling through traditional retail outlets gets the essences seen by people who haven’t come across them before. However I need all the help we can to get them out to where they are really needed.

They need people who have felt their effects and ‘get them’ and can tell people how amazing they are in a believable way.

We all know that we are much more likely to believe a friend or colleague or therapist rather than a sales assistant...

Will you join me ?

I am looking for ‘ambassadors’ of our flower essences.

These ambassadors will have their own unique code that they give out to their contacts which gives the customer a 10% discount of all they buy from us. It also enables the code owner (maybe you ? ) to receive a further 20% of that sale which goes straight into their bank account monthly. They wouldn’t have to hold stock – all on-line sales would go from us direct to the customer. A bit like being a complimentary therapy Avon Lady as someone so fabulously put it when I explained it to them.

Exciting times ahead

I am really excited about the thought of people receiving money energy/nectar in exchange for their enthusiasm and the word getting out further and further about how amazing essences are.... after all we are mostly here to make the world a better place and the flowers have so much to teach us - it seems a shame to keep it to ourselves.

Is this you ?

If you are a complimentary therapist, blogger, influencer, yoga teacher, natural health leader or just someone who is good at recommending products  and would like to make people’s lives happier and healthier do get in touch.

You don’t have to live in the UK as we post worldwide but you do need to know a bit about flower essences and how they work and why you would use them. We will make sure you have a good knowledge of our products beforehand which will be given in person or via telephone/skype .

Get in touch

I would love you to be part of our family and join us at this incredibly exciting time in the development of our company and flower essences in general and we look forward to seeing the energy and lessons of the flowers spreading out to your corner of the world.

Spreading the word

Spreading the word