The best way of getting exactly the right combination of essences for you is to have a consultation with me so I can make you up your own personal blend of flowers to help you at this time. These will be unique to you and help shift the emotional issues and problems you are having right now.

There are several ways you can do this.

You can:

1) Come to see me in person here in East Somerset. This is much the best way for both of us as I can feel into your energy much more easily and there is time and space for me to explain what each essence might do in relation to your own circumstances. You can read more about my process and prices here.

(I am also available monthly in Frome on the last Wednesday of the month).

 2)Use our online system where you email me a recent ‘selfie’ and a paragraph or two about what you want help with. I use a pendulum to decide which essences you need and can pick up an awful lot of information just from looking at your face and how you describe what you are going through using this method. Over the years I have helped many people this way and am still amazed at how accurate it is.

The link for more information and payment is here

 3)      Although it is a bit out of my comfort zone I know people like to talk face to face so I am now offering Skype sessions. These will be more expensive than our online service (£50 as opposed to £30 + postage) but you will get a similar experience as coming to me in person and we can go into more depth about what the essences are for.

Please email me if you are interested.

 A 30ml bottle of essences usually lasts two to three weeks. By this time most of the shifts that are going to occur will have happened - although you might not necessarily have noticed them yet. Some people have a new blend every month, some 3 or 4 times a year and some just occasionally when they feel the need.

Finding which flower essences people need is one of my most favourite things. The magic that occurs and the changes that people report back to me with make both of our lives a much fuller and richer experience.

 It is what I am here on the planet to do and if the flowers and I can help you navigate this crazy journey of life in an easier way the world will become a better place for you and everyone you come into contact with.


As always if you have ANY questions about this or anything else to do with essences and which ones you or a loved one might need do just ask.