About Flower Essences

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Flower essences contain the unique vibrational energy of the plant they came from. This energy is held as a memory in water. When taking this vibration into yourself it reminds your own personal energy how to be, helping unlearn old patterns, bringing awareness to problems (and solutions) and rebalancing your whole being.

My essences are made in the same way as the Bach Flower Remedies and are usually taken as drops under the tongue.They do not smell.

Flower essences work deeply and gently bringing positive and effective change to our lives. They act as catalysts, bringing awareness and shifting patterns enabling you to heal in a safe, natural and simple way.

Cherry Plum  essence being made

Cherry Plum essence being made

Using Essences

  • Our essences can be used straight from the bottle. Just place a few drops directly under your tongue morning and night or as your intuition tells you.

  • For help changing long standing behaviour patterns they can be taken twice daily for several weeks.

  • They are safe to give to children and also work just as well diluted into water or a drink.

  • For treating your pet, put a few drops in your animal’s drinking water or put approximately 10 drops, with water, in a mister bottle to spray around your animal.

  • Adding a dropperful to your bath or mixing them into your face cream is also a very effective way of absorbing essences although of course they don’t smell.

  • Essences are completely safe to use while taking other medicines, homeopathy, during pregnancy or while breast feeding as they contain no material matter - just the energy of the plant.

  • Several essences can be taken at once. We usually recommend no more than 7 at any one time.

If you have any questions about taking or choosing flower essences do get in touch and for the answers to other Frequenly Asked Questions click here.

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 Our Single Essences

Our flower essences are sold in two strengths - stock and dosage - and come in 30ml blue bottles. Stock flower essences need to be diluted further before being taken - a few drops in a glass of water or your water bottle is the usual way, or you can add them to your bath to be absorbed into your system. Dosage flower essences are diluted ready to use straight from the bottle.

Usually flower essences are preserved in alcohol but for people who can’t, for whatever reason, take alcohol we also sell our essences preserved in organic cider vinegar - these don’t have such a long shelf life but are equally as effective.

A good way to choose which flower essence you might need right now (besides reading the descriptions) is to see which of the photos on our single essences page you are immediately attracted to.

Our complete range of 45 single flower essences

Our complete range of 45 single flower essences

Our Combination Essences

Sometimes it is easier to take a combination of flower essences at the same time. I have produced a carefully selected range of combination essences to help support you on your journey in today’s complex and ever changing world. They are tried and tested mixes of our single flower essences that have proved beneficial to many over the years and are in 30ml tamper proof bottles.

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Our Essence Sprays

Sprays are a great way of getting flower essences into your surroundings, for clearing and shifting energies and making your environment a better place to be. Our sprays are made by adding flower essences to hydrosols which we distil ourselves using a traditional copper alembic still. Using this method the energetics as well as the aromatic components of the plants are preserved giving you a pure and delightful experience to use around your space or straight onto your skin.

Our 30 litre copper alembic still for distilling herbs into hydrosols for our flower essence sprays.

Our 30 litre copper alembic still for distilling herbs into hydrosols for our flower essence sprays.

Your essences are second to none. They’ve helped me and both of my children and lots of my friends . THANK YOU
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