Buttercup Flower Essence ~ confidence

230 buttercups.JPG
230 buttercups.JPG

Buttercup Flower Essence ~ confidence


Ranunculus acris

Buttercup flower essence is for finding time for yourself and the things you want to do and for feeling energised enough to do them. It helps increase your self-confidence and creativity and to feel the sunshine inside again. Buttercup brings energy for inspirational creativity.

~Do you find enough time and space for your own creativity ?

~Do you feel others are more worthy of attention or respect than you ?

~Are you happy with how you are ?

This essence is part of our Calm and Confident, Emotional Relief,Focus Energise Create, Sexy and Gorgeous, Speaking with Confidence and Strength and Support. So as you can tell it’s an incredibly useful flower

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“Accessing our inner joy and strength and creativeness is what buttercup essence helps with.
Yellow flowers often are associated with solar plexus energy - the 'I am' ego, self, creative part of your being and buttercup is no exception. .
Any gardener knows how strong willed and tenacious creeping buttercup is, the way it spreads, covering ground at a tremendous rate once it is established .
It has an awful lot to teach us especially when we are feeling ineffectual and lacking in 'ooomph' .
Buttercup essence helps with self confidence, creativity and shining your inner light .... and for me is something I often rely on when I'm feeling a bit flat.” Saskia on Instagram