Clematis Flower Essence ~ ideas into reality

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Clematis Flower Essence ~ ideas into reality


Clematis vitalba

Clematis flower essence is very grounding and is good for daydreamers and people who have lots of ideas but find it difficult to get on with them.

~Do you often forget where you are because you are too busy thinking ?

~Do you need lots of sleep but still wake up tired ?

~Are you ready to turn your ideas into actions ?

This essence is part of our Shock Release combination and has recently been added to our Focus, Energise, Create

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“Clematis teaches us to stop daydreaming and just get on with stops us drifting off and grounds us back to reality....a great essence/remedy for Monday morning after a blissful weekend of relaxing...and also a crucial ingredient of Bach's Rescue Remedy (and our Shock Release)....
.Be present and bring yourself back to reality to make your dreams come true. “ Saskia on Instagram

“This is a great remedy for procrastination ...I’ve got loads of ideas drifting around but don’t seem to be able to get on with them may be the thick fog we’ve got here today or just the general end of February bleugh or just some resistance that I’m not sure how to shift ....

I want to feel perky and springlike and full of action, i want to feel alive and energised and ‘on it’ .

Clematis(old man’s beard) is one of the Bach remedies that we also make and is very grounding- if you’re a gardener and have ever tried to dig up self seeded wild clematis you will know what a pig it is to get out –those roots just don’t want to budge...

 Taking this essence stops you floating off in a cloud of ideas and helps you to get on with things  - to ground your ideas into reality - and is great to take alongside our Nan’s Polyanthus that I described a few weeks ago.

It’s very useful for people who are always talking about what they are going to do(rather than what they have done)... the ideas people who shift from one thing to the next and never really achieve anything but are always full of enthusiasm.... and is great to take at this time of year when the ideas that have started to germinate during the slow winter months start begging to be brought into reality as the days start to lengthen” also Saskia on Instagram