Cowslip Flower Essence ~ I am safe

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Cowslip Flower Essence ~ I am safe


Primula veris

Cowslip flower essence is a joyful essence bringing a feeling of being nurtured and supported. It is for when life seems far too complicated and you want to enjoy yourself. For feeling light and playful.

~Do you find it difficult to play and have fun ?

~Are you unable to feel love from others ?

~Did you receive enough love and attention from your parents ?

This essence is part of our Emotional Relief combination

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“.I can't tell you what joy and nurturing this flower brings me.It has always been my favourite ever since I was little and was the second essence I made. Cowslip essence brings safety and security so we can be more playful and enjoy life to the full. It is great for people who haven't had the parenting they needed and those who take life too seriously.... “ Saskia on Instagram

“Seeing cowslips never fails to lift my spirits.
As an essence it is great for people who found it hard to play as children as they never felt safe and supported enough to let go - this often comes from not having the parenting we needed.
Cowslip essence brings back a feeling of being loved and supported which is why it is one of the main ingredients in our Emotional Relief combination.” Saskia on Instagram