Dandelion Flower Essence ~ be here now


Dandelion Flower Essence ~ be here now


Taraxacum officinalis

Dandelion flower essence is very grounding and energising. It helps you feel strong, courageous and present in your body. It brings your awareness back to here and now and allows you to be in the moment.

~Are you often full of ideas/thoughts and unaware of your body ?

~Do you find it difficult to focus on what you are doing ?

~Would you like to be more confident and effective ?

This very grounding essence is part of our Emotional Relief, Sexy and Gorgeous and Shock Release combinations

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“ "I am here shining as brightly as I possibly can.It is spring.Hurrah"
Thank you Mr Dandy Lion for being so present and glowing..... Let's all try to shine our light as brightly as he does and see how the world changes.” Saskia on Instagram

“Oh the glorious Dandy Lion 🦁...so sure of itself, so grounded and present, so full of light and confidence, so cheerful...
Dandelion is a great energy to call on if you aren't feeling sure of yourself, if you are a daydreamer, if you are shy and retiring, if you want to be more present in your body. It shouts "Be Here Now" as it's warmth and friendliness touches your heart bringing a smile to your face and a spring to your step” Saskia on Instagram