Harebell Flower Essence ~ realignment


Harebell Flower Essence ~ realignment


Campanula rotundifolia

For standing firm but with flexibility. Harebell flower essence brings you back into alignment with your journey, readjusting and strengthening after times of stress. It brings a feeling of clarity and strength in a calm gentle way.

~Do you feel out of balance ?

~Are you unsure of your direction ?

~Are you in need of support ?

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“Harebell is a great flower essence for re-centering and re-balancing.
It helps us to ring true again, to bring us back to who we really are, to realign us back onto our path. .
.However delicate you feel you are much stronger than you think. When you are in your truth your voice will be strong and clear and people will be able to hear what you have to say.” Saskia on Instagram

“ Such clean pure energy - you can nearly hear the bell ringing....
A great essence to take to realign yourself when you have lost your way or aren't quite sure who you are anymore.
It behaves a bit like a tuning fork .... Helping you ring true however hard life may bash you about trying to push you off course. “ also Saskia on Instagram