Nan's Polyanthus Flower Essence ~ for things that are difficult to do


Nan's Polyanthus Flower Essence ~ for things that are difficult to do


Primula polyantha

Nan’s Polyanthus is powerful and energising essence which works on all levels to help you start things you have been putting off or that you find difficult to do. It is ideal for shifting procrastination.

~Do you find it difficult to get on with projects ?

~Do you continually put things off to do later ?

~Do you feel cluttered and need a spring clean ?

~Do you need help with something that is difficult to do ?

This essence is part of our Focus, Energise, Create combination

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“(Nan's) polyanthus was the first flower essence we ever made.... it is great as an antidote to procrastination.... Just don't take it in the evening (unless you want to be up all night being productive) “ Saskia on Instagram

Nan’s Polyanthus is the first flower essence we made. Once Christine(Felce) and I had decided that we wanted to have a go at making essences we then had to decide which flower to make it from. At the time her mother (named Nan) was dying in hospital. Someone had bought her a bright pink and yellow polyanthus plant in a plastic pot to cheer her up and it sat on the window sill in her hospital room. The nursing staff were too busy to water this little plant and it slowly got sadder and sadder, drooping badly. Nan often asked for someone to water it but it never happened.

Nan was an upright, active and busy woman who had also been a nurse and, as a Quaker, was an advocate for many who needed help.

After she died and Christine was clearing up her belongings a nurse handed her this plant which had, miraculously, returned to full vibrant life even though no-one had watered it. The plant was taken to Nan’s funeral and returned home with Christine where she told me the story. It was clear to us both that this was the flower to make our first essence from.

So we duly followed the instructions in the book, prepared the essence as suggested and gave bottles out to our friends(mostly busy mums) and asked them to take it for a couple of weeks and report back if they felt any changes. They did ... as did we.

Mostly people had been getting on with things – their accounts, pruning trees, clearing out cupboards, writing letters they had been putting off....

Slightly disappointed that we had made an essence for getting on with the housework we sent it to a psychic healer friend for her analysis. “it’s quite simple – it’s for getting on with things that are difficult to do” .

Flower Essences can work on many levels depending on what you are needing - from the everyday problems encountered in life right through to the spiritual and beyond .

So if it’s difficult to do and you are procrastinating and putting it off this could be the perfect flower essence to help... from the accounts to leaving your partner to handing in your notice or leaving this life this cheerful perky flower gives you just the push you need.