Potentilla Flower Essence ~ I love who I am

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Potentilla Flower Essence ~ I love who I am


Potentilla sterilis

This very lovely flower essence makes you feel fabulous about whoever you are. Potentilla flower essence is for self appreciation and acceptance and helps bring out your strengths in a quiet, gentle way.

~Are you self critical ?

~Do you sabotage your ideas ?

~Do you feel unworthy ?

This essence is part of our Sexy and Gorgeous combination and also our NEW limited edition Rose Beauty Mist.

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“Oh those delicate heart shaped petals, oh that green five pointed star, oh those red stamens –everything about this tiny flower is just perfect and balanced and true. Every time I look at it my heart melts a little.

Potentilla sterilis (also known as Barren Strawberry) is very similar to a wild strawberry except that it doesn’t have fruit. It grows on the edge of woodland , in the shade where no-one particularly notices it. People pass by thinking it is something else. It doesn’t shout out as you pass. It quietly gets on with being perfect just as it is –no need to change, no need to fit in, no need to be loud.

And this is what this tiny perfect flower has to teach us.

Taken as a flower essence it reminds us of our inner beauty, our perfection and our quiet strength. We are perfect exactly as we are. Just being ourselves is enough. We don’t have to jostle amongst the crowds to stand out, there is no competition, no-one can be better at being you than you, we don’t have to prove to anyone else that we are ‘the best’.

Potentilla is good for people with low self-esteem, people who don’t feel they are beautiful enough, who feel they should be doing something bigger and better with their lives, people who don’t feel good enough (or anything enough) .

It is specifically very good for ‘barren’ women(or men) who feel bad about not being able to have children.”

“Potentilla essence helps us to love ourselves. ..not in a shouty, look at me kind of way but in a quiet confident 'I know I'm beautiful but I don't need you to notice' way.
It helps us love and appreciate ourselves so that we gain the respect we deserve, so that we can be more truly who we really are. .
It is a great essence for people who undervalue themselves, who don't know their inner beauty, who abuse themselves and put up with abusive behaviour.
Taking flower essences changes the way we think and behave and this stunningly beautiful small woodland flower helps so much with helping to truly believe in our beauty - I wouldn't be without its wisdom.. “