Willow Flower Essence ~ I am flexible

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willow Dans house 2013-07.JPG

Willow Flower Essence ~ I am flexible


Salix caprea

Willow flower essence helps you dissolve the pains of life and move forward in a graceful, flexible way. For those who resist change and have strong opinions.

~Would you rather deal with something in a different way ?

~Do you think other people’s lives are easier than yours ?

~Are you bitter about the way life is treating you ?

~Do you feel stuck in your situation ?

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“Let those balls of soft delight absorb all your sorrows...
Willow as a tree is very bendy, it likes living by water and it is just starting to have these gorgeous male flowers which, later in the spring are covered in pollen.
As a flower essence Willow (one of the Bach remedies) helps with flexibility, it absorbs resentment and helps your life to flow much more easily. It is especially good for people who are stubborn in their ways and thoughts. This stubbornness can build up and get stored in the body - often resulting in stiff joints or even arthritis.
Holding on to thoughts is an easy habit to fall into, especially in the winter. Taking willow essence, just a few drops twice daily for a couple of weeks can loosen things up no end bringing a spring to your step and a sense of release. “ Saskia on Instagram