Plant friends

In these times of stress and sorrow, of so much change, of heartbreak and anger, of complexity and destruction the plants bring healing and love.

They make the world a better place, they bring lessons and perspective. They were here long before us, and I’m sure, will be here long after us. We know that when we are around plants we feel better…. calmer, more balanced, grounded, happier.

Flower essences bring plants into the very being of our selves. The drops containing their energy spread through all of the water in our bodies. Like a hug from a friend they give us strength and courage to be who we truly are. They love us unconditionally, forgiving us our ‘sins’ and helping us to be better people.

When we question how we are to respond to the challenges of life on this planet essences gently (or sometimes not so gently) nudge us in the right direction helping us grow and shift and change. They, like the plants they contain, are here to be our friends –to nourish, support, mirror, love, accept us.

Each plant has its own personality, its own lesson it is here to teach. We just have to decide which ones we need to make friends with and they will do the rest.

This isn’t airy fairy. This is powerful healing.  As individuals, as a society, as a species we need, more than ever, the healing of the plant kingdom. Flower essences bring that healing to us wherever we are.